Kimmel Youth Programs

Kimmel youth programs are designed to inspire, excite, and expand the science, technology, engineering, and math knowledge of youth and families!  All youth programs are designed to highlight the impact of this knowledge to the production, processing, and marketing of Nebraska's agricultural products.

From nature to technology, whether hatching chicks or programming robots, Kimmel youth programs are enriching the lives of children.

Ag Literacy

Livestock Quality Assurance

The 4-H Quality Assurance (QA) Course teaches youth about the quality of meat and food products that come from livestock.  Quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to the consumers, or the people who consume the meat, egs, milk, and dairy products from food production animals. The promise made is that products from livestock will be the highest possible quality and producers will do everything possible to make these products safe to eat.

Nebraska Livestock Quality Assurance

Out-of-State Livestock Quality Assurance

AgCiting Science

Tomatoes to ketchup, chickens to omelets, learn where your food comes from!  Participants will plant their own farm, dissect a cheeseburger to determine food sources, make some tasty snacks, and learn about the role everyone has in the farm-to-table process.


The Embryology project is designed to foster children's natural sense of curiosity about living things in the world around them.  Resources provided to classrooms includes an educational packet for teachers, student activity sheets, incubator, turner, and fertilized eggs. 

A total of five incubators are available for Otoe County classrooms in March and April.  Please review the 2015 timelines below and indicate which best meets your classroom needs before contacting Deb Weitzenkamp at .

Group              Incubator Delivery Start Incubation Tentative Hatch Pick Up Day
Group A March 9 March 18 April 8 April 10
Group B April 10 April 15 May 6 May 8


Chicken Embryo Development Poster

Chick Behavior Youth Research Project

Designed for middle school youth, this project introduces youth to the research design process.  Youth will observe and conduct behavior research on young chicks (under 1 1/2 weeks old).  Upon completion of three specific observations, the youth teams will develop a research topic of their own, seek approval of the project, then conduct the rsearch. Youth will be under the supervision of the classroom life science teacher. 

This project is IACUC approved and conducted within a partnership arrangement between the Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp, Kimmel Education and Research Center, Dr. Sheila Purdum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Poultry Specialist, and the classroom life sciences teacher.  Interested life science teachers may contact Deb Weitzenkamp at to learn more about this project.

Ag Literacy Games

What Do You Know About Agriculture?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

First Lego League

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Camp

Girls and boys who just finished grades 4, 5, or 6 are invited to participate in the 2015 Crime Scene Investigation 4-H Camp on May 23rd in Syracuse.  Learn about animal tracks and identify your suspect! Use GPS technology to target your suspect's locaiton!  Test fabric samples to determine if your suspect wears a disguise.  And, program a robot to move a top-secret package! 

Register today!  Space is limited to the first 40 campers.



Child & Youth Highlights

We provide research-based programs and education to help you support the development of children and youth. For more on Early Childhood Development visit

Health Rocks! Carnival game preview image with carnival tentHealth Rocks!

(April, 2014)  Carnival App and Website

Check it out!  The Health Rocks! Carnival app is now available!  The app, developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and piloted by Nebraska youth, is available free through iTunes and as a desktop game.  The interactive game allows youth to test their knowledge of drug and alcohol facts, and health through carnival-themed games.  The overall health status of their player is determined by how many health points they obtain, which will either turn their player into a superhero or an unhealthy person.

The Health Rocks! Carnival app is the first app created for a national 4-H curriculum, which is an extension of the current Health Rocks! curriculum and program initiative.


grandparent and childNebraska Early Childhood Grandparents Network

(October 15, 2013) The Nebraska Early Childhood Grandparents Network seeks to spread the word with grandparents in local communities and invite them to become a part of its network. The network is a loosely knit group of statewide Nebraska grandparents who are concerned for the economic, educational, employment and population future of the state. Learn more about the network, contacts, and affiliated organizations.



 Toddler boy in play roomPrimary Years Focus of New and Revised Extension Publications

(July 11, 2013) UNL Extension has published several new and revised publications focused on the primary years of childhood. Topics of publication numbers G2189 to G2202 range from brain development and learning, environments, play, outdoor experiences, and the role of relationships. Visit the Extension Publications website, search with keyword: primary years.




Free Web App Teaches Youth About Making Smart Life Choices

Career Explorer - 4-H is a free app that provides middle and high school youth with an opportunity to learn about making smart life choices in their future.  From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Nebraska 4-H, and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Download Career Explorer free from the iTunes store.

Free Web App Teaches Youth Where Ag Products Come From

We Grow It, Do You Know It is a lively free app that gives kids their first lessons in how agriculture produces the things they love to eat – and even their crayons. From the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Download We Grow It, Do You Know It free from the iTunes store.

Healthy Snacking App

Snack Planet - is a game to  promote the benefits of healthy snacking and exercise. Help Optimis, the robot, move quickly through the maze, grab the healthy foods and reach the exit before the time runs out. A word of warning though, steer clear of the snacks which are not healthy. They reduce both time and score.

Prospective UNL Students

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) offers child & youth development undergraduate majors and Master's Degree and PhD graduate programs in a variety of academic disciplines.

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